With the Wall and Windows Graphics service, your window could be showing your business to hundreds of potential clients.

Outdoor advertising such as walls and windows can be easily intervened and ultimately impact your target audience constantly, allowing permanent disclosure.

This type of advertising can be placed in windows, whether they are of an infrastructure or a vehicle, shop windows and, in general, any glass.

As you read this article, your windows could be displaying your business information.

With our Windows Graphics service you have one of the best ways to put glass to good use in your business, to display relevant information that attracts new customers, one of the most used materials is microperforated vinyl.

This technique allows daylight to enter from the outside and visibility from the inside. It is a PVC material that is printed on one side and adheres to the glass.

It can be placed in windows of either an infrastructure or a vehicle, shop windows and any type of glass in general.

If you are interested in this service, we advise you and install it as soon as possible.